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Aspen Back Braces




Pain and Muscle Fatigue


Poor posture, kyphosis and other spinal conditions can put force on the vertebrae which may cause a lack of balance, diminished lung capacity and muscle fatigue. Unbalanced weight causes an un-natural posture that overworks muscles, stretches ligaments and misaligns vertebra, leading to damage and pain.



The Benefits of Bracing

Aspen TLSO braces are designed to offload destructive forces in the spine which can stop muscle fatigue and increase vital function. Adjustable shoulder straps help return patients to a functional position. This relieves pressure on the back muscles, improves balance, opens neuro pathways and restores lung capacity, providing pain relief that enables a patient to return to a more active daily life.



The Right Brace for Every Need

  • Low Profile Design
  • Comfortably fits nearly all body types
  • Compression for maximum support and pain relief
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Lightweight, breathable and washable materials
  • Back panel Naturally conforms to match the curve of your lower back
  • Shoulder straps help return posture to a more natural position


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